7 Days Return | Free Delivery*


We are grateful for the pleasure of serving you and meeting your needs. We provide friendly customer support to our customers via website messaging and email support and try to respond our customer’s enquiries instantly within business hours. Please do not hestitate to contact us if you have any problem :)

General Policy

1. Products are selling in ready stock. Normally you able to receive your parcel within 2 working days.

2. Most of products are real photo provided to minimize the differences between product and photo. If there is not real photo (using magazine or others photo as reference) it may occur 5-15% differences between product and photo.

3. We support 7 days return and exchange, please read RETURN POLICY for further information.

4. Order will only reserve for max 2 days without any deposit paid. If you would like to do any reservation for MAX 30 days, you may pay at least half of order amount as deposit and this deposit will not refund if the order exceed 30 days without pay the balance.

Payment Policy

1. To pay, you may transfer the amount to us by Online Fund Transfer, Cash Deposit, using ATM or Collect from our office.

2. After Payment, buyer may direct upload payment receipt through their log in account or inform us via Website comment / Email by listing the Order Number attached with your receipt.

3. If you have overpaid us, we will automatically refund the balance to you inside your parcel. Please contact our customer service if you want to add your balance into account.

Delivery Policy

1. We will start our parcel packing at 10.30am daily (except Sunday). Your order able to send out on the same day if we received your payment before 1.00pm

2. We may delay your order delivery without prior notice due to technical or resource allocation problems. For urgent orders, please make note in your order form so we can do our best to carry out a special arrangement for you.

3. If your ordered item is out of stock, we will contact you before sending out the parcel, you may request either change other product or refund.

4. Happy2u reserves the righs to decide the cheapest and most effective courier company based on your location and weight of your goods. Please make a remark in your order form if any delivery companies will not reach your location.

5. We only using courier service (no pos register, pos express provided), you will likely receive your parcel within 2 working days.

6. After sending out your parcel, we will inform you of the tracking number by your contact email.

If you are not receiving your parcel after 3 days, please contact the courier company directly. If you have given us an invalid address or contact number, causing the parcel to be returned to us, we will not pay for the shipping charges for resending the parcel. Buyers will have to pay us the additional shipping to resend the parcel.

Goods Exchange Policy

1. We provide 100% return warranty on all products you’ve purchased regardless of the reason being dissatisfaction or a defected item.

2. Unless it is our mistake for sending the wrong item to you or received damage products, otherwise all costs on shipping will be bear by customer. You may return using Collectco to save your time but if your area does not support Collectco you may return back your parcel by own and attached us official courier slip receipt with amount for claim purpose.Kindly take note,only max RM6 can be claimed without official courier slip receipt. However if your place support by collectco and customer request to post back the parcel by own, only maximum RM6 can be claimed.

3. To avoid the warranty being abused, all refund is not in cash form but in exchange other products.

Each piece of our online merchandise items will be scanned through our hand for quality inspection, and the quality marked on cards. However, quality standards are very subjective; minor stain/spots, glue stain, off-line, lint problem are not summed up as quality issues. If you would still want to return, all additional postage cost will be borne by the customer.


REASONS Exchange Postage borne by REFUND
Out of Stock Yes N/A Yes
Received defect/ faulty item Yes Happy2u No, only can replace same design,size and Colour
Personal reasons(Eg: Size not fit, minor stain/spots and other) Yes Customer No
Defective item had been informed to customer before sending out (customer agreed with the discount offered on small defective) Yes Customer No

6. The warranty is valid for 7 days after customer received parcel, customer must inform us and request return and exchange and post back to us within 7 days once request approved.

7. Please ensure the item is not used and please retain the original packing and quality card. Any stains, scratches or damages caused by carelessness will not be accepted.

8. To request an exchange, please submit “RETURN & EXCHANGE” request from your account. We will only approve your submission if your order still covered under Return & Exchange Policy.

Kami berterima kasih kepada anda kerana setia bersama kami . Bagi memastikan mutu khidmat pelanggan kami memenuhi keperluan anda kami menyediakan sokongan khidmat pelanggan yang mesra kepada anda melalui mesej laman web dan e-mel .Kami sedaya upaya melayani segala pertanyaan anda dengan serta-merta sepanjang waktu perniagaan kami. Sila Hubungi kami jika anda mempunyai sebarang masalah berkaitan :)

Polisi Umum

1. Produk Jualan kami adalah stok siap (Ready stock) dan kebiasaannya anda akan menerima pesanan anda dalam tempoh 2 hari bekerja.

2. Sebahagiaan besar produk jualan kami adalah menggunakan foto sebenar bagi mengurangkan perbezaan di antara produk jualan dan foto. Pihak kami berhak menggunakan sebarang Majalah atau foto foto lain sebagai rujukan. Jika foto sebenar tidak digunakan akan berlaku 5-15% perbezaan antara produk dan foto.

3. Kami menerima 7 hari pulangan dan pertukaran,sila rujuk POLISI PEMULANGAN untuk maklumat lanjut.

4. Pesanan tanpa pembayaran hanya akan dirizab selama 2 hari. Jika anda ingin membuat pesanan rizab selama 30 hari,anda diwajibkan untuk membuat bayaran sekurang kurangnya separuh harga pesanan anda sebagai deposit. Pihak kami tidak akan membayar balik sebarang ganti rugi di atas kegagalan anda membuat bayran penuh dalam tempoh 30 hari.

Polisi Pembayaran

1. Kami menawarkan 3 kaedah pembayaran iaitu Pindahan Wang melalui Online Banking,Mesin Deposit atau paypal.

2. Selepas pembayaran dibuat , pembeli perlu memaklumkan kepada pihak kami melalui Email dengan menyenaraikan Nombor Pesanan, Nama Bank, Masa Pembayaran dan Jumlah Pembayaran (Sila kepilkan resit pembayaran)

3. Jika bayaran dibuat melebihi pesanan anda,baki anda secara automatik akan dikembalikan melalui bungkusan anda.Sila Hubungi khidmat pelanggan kami jika anda mahu baki tersebut disimpan ke dalam akaun baki kredit anda.

Polisi Penghantaran

1. Kami akan memulakan pembungkusan pada jam 10.30 pagi setiap hari (kecuali hari Ahad). Sila lunaskan pembayaran anda sebelum jam 1pm setiap hari bagi memastikan bungkusan anda dapat dihantar pada hari yang sama.

2. Pihak kami berhak menunda sebarang penghantaran pesanan anda tanpa sebarang notis di atas masalah masalah tertentu . Sila pastikan anda membuat nota sebagai rujukan bagi setiap pesanan penting. Pihak kami akan mencuba sedaya upaya untuk membuat aturan penghantaran bagi pihak anda.

3. Kami akan menghunungi anda jika produk pesanan anda mengalami kehabisan stok. Anda berhak menukar produk anda atau pihak kami akan membuat pembayaran balik kepada anda.

4. Happy2u mempunyai hak utama untuk menentukan syarikat kurier yang akan digunakan berdasarkan lokasi dan berat bungkusan pesanan anda

5. Kami tidak menyediakan sebarang perkhidmatan pos daftar atau pos ekspress .Anda akan menerima bungkusan anda dalam tempoh 2 hari bekerja .

6. Selepas proses penghantaran anda selesai,pihak kami akan memaklumkan nombor tracking pesanan anda melalui emel . Anda juga boleh menyemak nombor tracking anda melalui akaun Happy2u anda.

7. Jika anda tidak menerima bungkusan anda selepas tempoh 3 hari, sila hubungi syarikat kurier secara langsung untuk menyemak status bungkusan anda .Jika anda memberikan alamat atau nombor yang tidak sah dan menyebabkan bungkusan dikembalikan kepada kami,anda perlu membayar semula caj penghantaran bagi aturan penghantaran kali kedua.

Polisi Pemulangan

1. Kami menyediakan jaminan 100% pulangan semula ke atas semua produk belian anda atas sebarang ketidakpuasan hati dan kerosakan produk sahaja.

2. Jika produk yang dihantar kepada anda mempuyai kerosakan dan kesilapan kod produk.Pihak kami akan menanggung kos penghantaran semula kepada anda . Anda boleh memulangkan produk menggunakan Collectco bagi menjimatkan masa anda tetapi jika kawasan anda tidak mempunyai liputan Collectco, anda boleh memulangkan kembali item menggunakan kurier yang ada dan mengepilkan kepada kami slip pembayaran rasmi dari kurier untuk tujuan bayaran balik. Sila sedia maklum, hanya maximum RM6 akan dibayar semula jika anda tidak mengepilkan slip pembayaran rasmi dari kurier. Manakala, jika kawasan anda mempunyai liputan Collectco dan anda masih mahu memulangkan item itu sendiri menggunakan servis kurier yang lain, hanya maximum Rm6 boleh dituntut.

3. Semua produk akan diganti dalam bentuk pertukaran produk bagi mengelakkan sebarang penyalahgunaan polisi dan sebarang kos penghantaran adalalah ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh anda.

4. Bagi memastikan setiap kualiti produk terjamin,setiap produk telah melalui pemeriksaan kualiti oleh Team Pengeluaran kami. Walau bagaimanapun,standard kualiti produk yang sangat subjektif seperti,tanda titik kecil,kesan gam,linen tidak sempurna,jahitan mati tidak sempurna tidak dikategorikan sebagai isu kualiti produk.


REASONS Exchange Postage borne by REFUND
Out of Stock Yes N/A Yes
Received defect/ faulty item Yes Happy2u No, only can replace same design,size and Colour
Personal reasons(Eg: Size not fit, minor stain/spots and other) Yes Customer No
Defective item had been informed to customer before sending out (customer agreed with the discount offered on small defective) Yes Customer No

6. Produk belian sah selama 7 hari selepas anda menerima bungkusan,untuk sebarang penukaran anda perlu memaklumkan kepada pihak kami dan membuat permintaan pertukaran di akaun happy2U anda dan pulangan semula hendaklah dibuat kepada kami dalam tempoh 7 hari selepas permintaan anda berjaya.

7. Sila pastikan produk yang diterima adalah di dalam keadaan baik tanpa sebarang kesan kerosakan atau kesan pemakaian produk. Sebarang kerosakan disebabkan kecuaian sendiri tidak akan diterima.

8. Untuk sebarang pemulangan semula ,sila proses Pemulangan & Pertukaran anda terus dari akaun anda. Kami akan sahkan proses Pemulangan & Pertukaran anda jika belian anda masih tertakluk sah di bawah Polisi Pemulangan & Pertukaran.