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Are you a successful influencer and want to share our brand with your audience or work out a collaboration together?

Join us now to enjoy free shoes supply from Happy2U every month to review and share to your followers! Just fill in your information as below, our team will contact you if you are selected!

Fashion Blogger Policy

1. Requirement
You have at least 10,000 followers with one of your social networking accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Lookbook and so on).

2. Post Your Review Before Deadline
Please submit your work before the agreed deadline. A contract will be issued to you upon discussion. A contract is an agreement between parties which is binding in law.

3. Keep Tagging Us
If you frequently tag us on the post, we will increase the quantity and value of shoes that we send to you.

4. Happy2U May Use Your Photos In Promotional Material
We may collect photos and comments of your blog. At times, we may use the content on our Website or Social Media Page. If it is available we will also credit your property in the post to show where the image has come from.

That's all! Get a full collection of shoe in your shoe wardrobe isn’t a dream anymore!