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Happy Styling with Happy2U.


Having unique haircolour means that I have to, also, put in some effort into my styles and wears. 


If you have LOADS of clothings to wear, then good for you! 

But whenever you're "RE-WEARING" a particular piece, it's kinda embarrassing if you meet the SAME person again with the SAME style?


I guess you can say accessories play a very important role in changing the whole outlook.

And you should have more of them laying around your house.

( In proper storage of course! )


So recently, Happy2U.CC sent me some "toys" to play with my apparels!


Cutesy White Mickey Cap




Having set apparels is very common nowadays so I kinda loved matching this simple yet cute white cap to create something playful for a day out. 


The white cap with a hint of black really helped to balance out anything you wear so try to get one with at least 2 colours.


(Or else you'd end up looking like "dimsum"/chinese dumpling waitress. Sorry to say.. >.<)




Simple White cross Bowling Shoes





Trust me you're gonna need one of these if you're a slack person like me.
It's not ALWAYS about glitz,glams and style but WE ALL want to look good even when we're lazy right?

Take all the celebrities you see for example. 
They all dress really "simply" but with STYLE. 

Match this white shoes with loose pants and (boyfriend) singlets for a lazy day out in a coffee shop. 





Classy Faux Emerald Jewel 



Necklace pieces are nice because they perk your outfit up.
Add something that is big and shiny into your collection of accessories so you can give your outfit a more sophisticated outlook. 

Bijou pieces are ALWAYS a keeper as they make you look (and feel) sophisticated with a small hint of vintage into your outlook. Watch how I transform this single outfit into two separate feel!

As long as it is well kept and taken care of, I don't see why cheap accessory is a problem!
This piece of jewel can easily shine up your boring dull black attire anytime. 
Great for fur winter wear too! 






Believe me or not, these items I got were a total of BELOW RM90!! 

Happy2U.CC sells a variety of caps, shoes,bags beauty product and accessories at their website.

Some accessories can even be as low as RM5 per piece, earrings as cheap as RM1 .
Now if you're planning to stock up accessories to go with your clothings, check them out!!

They accept 24 hours online order & new stock updates on every Wednesdays & Saturdays.


Happy2U Website
Happy2U Facebook
Happy2U Instagram : @happy2umy

I had fun matching pieces from  Happy2U, now it's your turn!



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