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Happy2U.cc Haul ♥

Hello lovelies! For today's post, I will be going to share about my fashion haul that I got from which is affordable and comes with superb quality, Happy2u.my. This online store sells tons of accessories that are trending especially the Stylenanda style's snapbacks! 
What I love about this store is that every item that they are displaying on the websites are ALL READY STOCK, unless stated. I'm a impatient person when comes to ordering and waiting for the whole month to get the item I want >.> They are pretty quick and efficient especially in delivering, I received the parcel on next 2 days after I've ordered the items that I want! Pretty good, eh? This is call good service, yo. 
Here's what I got from Happy2u.my! :D



My first pick was definitely a flower crown. It's my must-have item on my accessories section! I love the quality of it as it is durable (which doesn't fall off) and the flowers doesn't die LOL (it's fake, duh hahahaha) Great for photoshoots and theme costume!  
Not to forget, it's handmade! Pretty neat and I loveee it! 


I look very dreamy 
The current trend for summer season is snapbacks! Especially Korean snapbacks! I'm going cray cray especially snapbacks where you can look cool when you had a bad hair day! My favourite snapback from the website was this cool snapback that has summer-ry feel of palm leaves and hibiscus - Hibiscus is our national flower! So am I patriotic? :P

The quality of the snapback is superb that hat is pretty sturdy and I can avoid getting my face get sunburn haha! 


This snapback is inspired by Stylenanda, ironically, it has Tokyo word on it haha :P
Yes! I finally found the watch I want! I've been longing to buy this but always out of stock and finally I got it from happy2u.my! I guess the reason I'm hooked on this watch which look pretty simple is because of the gold metal with black leather which gives a vintage feel which I like! FYI, this watch is inspired by ASOS! Oh yes, this watch costs RM18.90! CHEAP RIGHT!! 
Arm candy is a must with this watch! 
Link to purchase: http://happy2u.cc/goods.php?id=4745


Last month, I accidentally broke my Topshop round glasses that literally stabbed onto my purse :( My expensive sunglasses purchase so far that I reluctant to throw it away, not until I found a new love on Happy2u.my, Karen Walker inspired sunglasses! Amazingly, the quality of the sunglasses is superb, just like my broken Topshop sunnies :D (but no broke, okay?)


Happy2u.cc has tons of glasses that ranges from RM15 to RM23+! Pretty cheap right! 
Sadly, this sunglasses has sold out, but don't worry girls, there's tons of unique sunglasses that you can choose from! 

Here's the list of sunglasses: http://happy2u.my/category.php?cateid=51

Visit Happy2u.my for new stock every Wednesday & Saturday

Happy2u.cc Social Medias: 
Contact: 016-9523287 

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