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Blogger Review: CHERYL WENNEE

Hi all!! Just so you don't know, I started my degree life a week ago and all I can say, I am not mentally ready for it yet. Just give some time to adjust as I've been playing for the 10 months. Few weeks before my uni life begin, I have a very hard time thinking what to wear to uni. If you must know, I have more heels that flats shoe and I obviously can't wear my heels to uni. I'll be dead retarded. Just the right, I have happy2u.my for the rescue!

Happy2u.my is an online shop that sells inexpensive, comfortable and ready stock shoes. They established at year 2009 and they offer shoes, shades, bag, accessories and more. They get their inspirations all from stylenanda, vivi, ASOP, American Apparel, Vogue and guess what? They sell at affordable price! What's best than having new arrivals everyday!!


Some of us might thought that inexpensive have poor quality, but Happy2u.my offers the best quality at it's price. When I first got the shoe, I immediately wear it for the whole day! I must say I am impressed by it's quality and comfort. I even wear it to my uni everyday!

They have free shipping with T&C apply and I receive my shoe in good condition also, they're service is really good. Consult them if you have any problem with sizes. But you don't really have to worry as it's fits to its true size, *unless stated*

What I like about this shoes that it's not just a sandals but it add a few cm height. Which is what I always love! 

With Happy2u.my I don't have to worry about where to get the cheapest and comfortable shoe. They offer wide range of shoes! I can spend my whole day scrolling looking at those shoes! I already have my eyes on a few shoes and I can't wait to get them. If you guess it right, I'm a huge fan of shoes.

Website : www.happy2u.my
Facebook : Happy2u.my
Instagram : @happy2umy

That's all for today!


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