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7 Types Of Shoes Collection For Every Woman, You Should Have 3 Of Them.  

Every woman has different own style when it comes to footwear

Most similarity that they have, all shoes must suite well with all the dress style. Though more shoes correlate to less money, but they are well worth every penny since you will look well groomed all days.

You have to own at least 3 types of the list here to incorporate some variety into your closet.

  1. Boots 

Boots are a must-have list. They suit almost anytime. To make a perfect fits, choose neutral colours so don’t need to think what dress should be.


  1. Heels

Girls always look beautiful when a pair of heels match to their feet. Either, you choose peep toe heel, round heel or pointed heel the most important is find the one you are comfortable. The beauty about heels, it will it’s never out-dated to the trend always be evergreen.



  1. Sneakers

For today girls, sneakers are more than doing physical exercise. Sneakers also put an element of swag to the girls. It’s very cool travel by wearing sneakers. You look more stylish and bold.



  1. Flats 

Flats offer much variety of design and colours. For those who want break from heals, flats shoes suitable for any kind of dress.


  1. Sandals

Sandals can be worn to a party, to events, to the cinema and all your leisure activities. Sandals can be worn with your shorts, pants, dresses and your casual clothes. Sandals offer you simple and minimal look, yet still attractive.



  1. Wedges

Wedges made out of deep, richly coloured suede or leather is perfect for all conditions. Pair closed-toe wedges with tights and a dress or skirt. Wedge boots or ankle booties are also practical, yet stylish. The wedge works with pretty much any outfit, whatever the occasion or situation



  1. Trainers

Different to sneakers, usually trainers shoes suitable for any sports activities. For those who love to jogging, gym and hiking or love all sporting this kind of shoes should be one of your lists.