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5 Things Businesses Should Consider When Looking For Supplier

There are many purchase agents in Malaysia now. There are offering attractive deals and making the process of buying from China easy than ever. But if you are planning to start your business, especially for product like shoes with many sizes (which you can’t simply ask your customer to fit in size 36 when she is wearing size 38), you should consider these factors or maybe you have experienced before.

We all know that, nowadays doing online business is very easy! Which also means it has SUPER LOW level of entry to the market. How you able to stand out from others? That’s the first questions I asked to my clients.

Before I start to share my client experiences. Try ask yourself, what’s e-commerce to you? Is it just copy and paste the photos and expect your customer will come?

 These are the experiences feedback from our clients before they met us.


1. Higher rate in sending WRONG PRODUCT

Purchase agent is there to buy on your behalf and ship to your customer. So they don’t have the obligation to filter your supplier in China (Or maybe you don’t even know which supplier is credible). Having reputable supplier is extremely important where they can make up the spine of your business. Can you imagine if your customer keep receive wrong item regardless of size, color or design? How you gonna deal with it? This lead to second point.


2. Return & Exchange

In this competitive market, extra value added is extremely important! Could you imagine if you have 20% of wrong item sending to customer? How much you need to spend to buy a new one replace to customer? Thinking of return? No No No! Unless you want to ship back from Malaysia to China which is terrible expensive.

And how if your customer can’t fit the size? Last time when I talked to one of the Zalora’s procurement staff, they told me shoes has the highest exchange rate among the category compare to clothing, accessories, bag. Simply because everybody has different foot shape. If you are not offering Return & Exchange, do you think your customer will come back second time?


3. Changes in inventory level

Happy2u always work closely with manufacturers to ensure you receive the latest design products. With our experience, we always sort out the most welcoming designs that broadly will be accepted by Malaysian market. Believe me you will cry if you see all the shoes! Everyday we need to sort out at least 100 designs that suit our market.

China has four seasons, which means they also targeting their market according to the weather. The worst season for us is definitely winter. You will experience that all the merchant on taobao are mostly selling boots. So how?


4. Quality and Defect

According to our data, every batch of shoes we will get around 15-20% defective shoes. Some can be fixed, some can’t be fixed. From experience, we have the knowledge to fix the shoes with special tools. But who gonna help you if you don’t have a good supplier to cover you up?


5. Expensive Shipping

Unknown shipping also one of the issue my client shared to us. Remember a rule: Volumn is the King! Some of the purchase agents might incur hidden charges which you only get to know after you submit order. If you have to try this every time, why not take the time to explore more in expanding your business?

I never meant that purchase agent is not good, but it always depends on what type of message you want to deliver to your customer. And remember, if you offer this kind of service to your customer, you are considered another layer of middle man. Why can’t customer just cross over you and buy directly from purchase agent? Content marketing is another King in business world.